SealMaster® is your one-stop source for pavement maintenance products and equipment. With everything under one roof, road maintenance professionals save valuable time and money on the products, tools and equipment necessary to do the job right.  Our SealMaster® Hillsville location is staffed by professionals trained to provide the best possible customer service, with experience working with housing authorities, school and municipalities.

Preventative maintenance is becoming increasingly important. Roads, streets, and highways are getting older, budgets are getting tighter. The cost of fuel is also projected to skyrocket this year which will increase the cost of everything, especially asphalt. Due to these increases, it is vital to place a greater emphasis on maintenance. Maintenance is preserving to prevent, much like preserving paint on a truck to prevent rust. Now is the best time to start looking at preserving your asphalt investment. A proven and cost effective way of doing this is with crack sealing.


Without crack sealing, cracks in pavement allow water to penetrate the asphalt, softening the stone base and leading to alligator-cracking/spider-webbing, potholes, and other forms of degradation. Cracks left over winter can grow into potholes quickly due to snow plowing and freeze/thaw cycling. Asphalt patching usually doesn’t last and can cost several times what timely crack sealing costs. In the end, the useful life of the surface is shortened, forcing premature and budget-busting replacement of the surface.

Crack sealing extends the life of pavement, especially in areas where the winter season creates frequent freeze/thaw cycles. Crack sealing slows the rate of deterioration which can postpone the next scheduled asphalt overlay.  In fact, studies from the Strategic Highway Research Programs (SHRP) Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) show that crack sealing can extend the life of asphalt 5-10 years.  SealMaster® maintenance products and services include:

  • Construction supplies
  • Crack/Joint Sealants
  • Crack/Joint Sealing Equipment
  • Heated Tack Distributors
  • Tack Coat/DOT Approved
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Compaction Equipment
  • Road Sealants
  • Pavement Tools
  • Line Striping Equipment
  • Traffic Paints
  • Rental Service

Crack sealing and filling are imperative preventative maintenance tools.”
-The Federal Highway Administration Manual of Practice (FWHA Report No. FHWS-RD-99-147)

The estimated cost of replacing asphalt is extremely high.  For one lane mile of asphalt, a mill and pave overlay can cost more than 25 times more than an in-house crack sealing program.  This includes materials, labor, fuel, wear and tear on equipment, traffic control, and all the other odds and ends needed to complete the job.

The cost of a crack sealing doesn’t have to be at the full expense of your local government. In Pennsylvania and Ohio, our program qualifies for both liquid fuel funding and/or impact fees from the oil and gas industry. Keep in mind that when you purchase the material from us, the rental goes along with it at no additional charge.