Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

For more than 40 years, legendary durability and performance has made the SealMaster® equipment line the #1 choice among asphalt pavement professionals.  We offer a complete line of sealcoating, joint/crack sealing, striping and other asphalt construction and preservation equipment.  From portable units to truck mount systems, SealMaster® has the equipment you need to handle any size job.

Meet the Stars of our Rental Fleet:

  • Crack Pro 260 Now you can afford state-of-the-art crack filling.  This unit is fitted with a 22.5 hp Kubota diesel engine, a burst-proof heated hose and an industry-leading lightweight heated wand. For crack preparation, use our direct drive 100 cfm compressor that blows out cracks at high speed—a must have unit for larger parking lots, roads, and bridges.
  • Heated Asphalt Distributor AKA “Tack Wagon”  Our 300-gallon trailer-mounted unit stores, heats, and sprays asphalt emulsions, cutbacks, stabilizers, primers, and more.  This unit allows for both wand application for fine detailing in areas without vehicular access, and spray bar application for long stretches.
  • SM30*  This 30-gallon melter unit can continuously melt enough crack sealant to keep up with the demands needed for most small to medium sized parking lots, utility contractors, and commercial paving applications. It includes a hand agitation bar, a torch assembly with a regulator, and a molasses valve for dispensing. The SM-30 pairs well with either a pour pot for smaller applications, or ideally an MA-10.
  • MA-10*  This is the industry standard in portable melter unit technology. This unit melts the material and keeps it hot during application. After the material is dispensed it is struck off and leveled with a crack-bander. Everything from melting to application is self contained. For best results, the MA-10 should be used in conjunction with a larger kettle for bigger jobs. Anyway you dice it, this unit is a must for any contractor, municipality, or DOT that works with asphalt.
    *Requires propane tank (20lb / gas-grill type) not included

At SealMaster® Hillsville we also rent heavy duty, commercial grade:

  • Line Stripers
  • Graco*
  • Titan*
  • Walk-Behind Blowers
  • Little Wonder*
  • Billy Goat*
  • Portable Compaction Equipment
  • Sealcoating Equipment
  • Squeegee Machines

  …and More!

Rental Discounts are available with the purchase of  CRACKMASTER® Products

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